Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Why You should visit Zoocobia Fun Zoo and Paradise Ranch in Clark, Pampanga

We personally believe that learning shouldn’t stop. This is why, even if we’re already adults, visiting a zoo is still a must do from time to time. It offers incredible learning opportunities as well brings families, friends, and couples together. Thus, using a discount coupon from Yalla Book of Couponswe decided to spend a day at Zoocobia Fun Zoo and Paradise Ranch located in Clark, Pampanga.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo Entrance Fees

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Regular rates:

  • Zoocobia – PHP 295 (or USD 5.7).
  • Paradise Ranch – PHP 150 (or USD 2.89).
  • Zoocobia and Paradise Ranch – PHP 395 (or USD 7.62).

Entrance for children three feet and below is free.


Our Zoocobia Fun Experience

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

When we went to Zoocobia, they had an action-packed canine event so some of their attractions were closed for the day such as the Zing ride and zip line. I wonder if their Giant Fun Slide attraction is still open as there was no one manning it and a barrier is in place. Anyway, the missing attractions didn’t prevent us from having so much fun.


Trained Uncaged Birds

Uncaged Birds

We started our zoo visit by staring at birds perched on a small barren tree. The birds don’t have a chain such as this large Black Palm Cockatoo. Despite it, they don’t fly to escape the zoo.


Uncaged Birds

According to Zoocobia’s staff, the birds are trained. So just approach them and they will transfer the birds on your finger, hand, arm, or shoulder for a photo opportunity. It was an interesting experience as we couldn’t recall having birds perch on our hand or arms.


Bird Feeding

Zoocobia’s staff offered us some bird feed to bring inside their caged bird feeding area. Upon entering, we found several parakeets, type of small parrot, in different colors and patterns perched as well on a small barren tree upon entering.

Bird Feeding

All we had to do was stretch our hand with the bird feed and the parakeets ate from our hands. We think they must have been hand fed since they were babies as they were used to eating from people’s hands.

Parakeet feeding gives a ticklish sensation with their tiny mouths pecking for food. Your hand will get some bird poop, at some point, but it is something that can’t be avoided. No worries though as it can be easily washed and their poop isn’t disgusting as it sounds.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Lloyd actually had his hand pooped at by one of the parakeets. He still found the experience fun and worthwhile nonetheless.


Bird s of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Next, we entered an enclave that is Birds of Paradise. The mysteriousness from the outside worked wonders as we went in.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo

The first bird that caught my attention was the Philippine Eagle Owl, one of the largest owls in the world. I’m sure some of you will feel bad that this owl is awake during daytime. Add to that the fact that he/she is restrained both for our entertainment and our education.

This is included among endangered species though. So rather than being hunted down by clueless hunters, it is better off being taken care of in a zoo.

It is also important not all owls sleep during daytime. An owl can be diurnal, which means active during the daytime, based on their diet. As his diet consists of rats, small vertebrates, or meat readily given to him,  I don’t see any point of him being awake at night to hunt.

Aside from this, many of us will not be able to afford the luxury of going to an actual forest to marvel at this bird. So don’t feel bad for it.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo

The Brahminy Kite, with its striking chestnut brown body, is a bit snobbish as I had to wait for a long while just for it to turn its face toward me. I’m not entirely surprised as I don’t think it is supposed to be used to human presence. As a scavenger bird, it thrives in coastal areas, forests, and even mangrove plantation.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Considered as vulnerable to extinction as hunters illegally capture the Philippine Hawk Eagle, also called as lawin, it peacefully sat on an artificial tree.


Ostrich Viewing

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

I don’t think I have seen any zoo without this flightless but largest and heaviest bird.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Since it looked friendly to me, I decided to have a photo with it.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Lo and behold! It pecked me. Lloyd was able to capture the funny moment of me screaming with surprise. According to the staff, the ostrich did it because he was asking for food. Now I know that I shouldn’t be posing with a hungry ostrich.

If you’re wondering if his peck hurt, it didn’t but its peck is strong that it may hurt a child. One also has to make sure that a kid doesn’t slip inside its area. An ostrich is known to have a powerful kick that can potentially kill a predator or human.

I heard that, when feeding it, one has to wear a leather glove the staff provides to protect one’s hand.

By the way, there are birds roaming freely around this area too. We saw a turkey and quails but I couldn’t catch it to take a photo of it.


Hug a Bearcat


It is honestly the first time I saw a bearcat out of its cage. Let alone a cuddly few months old cub. I wasn’t brave enough to let it walk or cling on my body.

According to Lloyd, he found it fluffy but, of course, it wasn’t as cute as a bear as it looks like a cat. This is a one of a kind experience you shouldn’t miss when you’re at Zoocobia Fun Zoo. I haven’t seen a bearcat out of a cage at zoos in other countries.

There is also an opportunity to feed its mother using a stick with a sliced banana on the tip. One interesting thing to note about it is that its poop smells like pandan leaves.


Hold a Baby Monkey

If you don’t have enough reason to head to Zoocobia, this may give you the reason to head there now.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia Fun Zoo is currently a home to a baby monkey. It is not often one can have the opportunity to encounter and hold such as monkeys only give birth every couple of years. In addition, like humans, multiple births for them is difficult.

I’m not fond of touching animals ever since so I was content at staring at the baby monkey. If you’re wondering what it feels like holding it, Lloyd said that the texture of its hands is similar to gelatin. It is somewhat clingy to its caretaker so it jumps and lands on its caretaker whenever the distance for him feels right. Too bad, we forgot to ask for its name.


Find Your Way in the Garden Maze

Zoocobia Fun Maze

If you intend to go to the other area from where the Bearcat and monkey are residing, you have no choice but to go through the garden maze.


Zoocobia Fun Maze

We surprisingly found this maze fun as the grass walls were big and we found ourselves lost inside for a while. Anyway, the maze itself can also serve as a backdrop for Instagram shots.


Ride the ZOOC


Zoocobia’s ZOOC ride is a gravity car that, after one push, slides down their paved 400-meter track. We had to hold on both handles so we can navigate it on the sharp turns of the track. We had fun so much fun as our ZOOC ride sped down fast.

Those who are concerned with safety need not worry as there are tires on steep turns to prevent one from falling off track and beyond a ledge. Additionally, they don’t allow two ZOOC rides to slide together and racing with each other isn’t also allowed.



The Barn

Just a short walk from the finish line of the ZOOC ride is the barn where one can feed, pet, or observe mammals. We weren’t able to take photos of us feeding the animals since we had fun feeding them with grass. Thus, just enjoy a few photos of the animals that piqued my interest.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Kalahari Goat from South Africa


Zoocobia Fun ZooSpotted Fallow Deer can be found in Central, North and South America and Asia.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

These are just black pigs but I found it interesting that they eat grass.


Camel Riding

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia Fun Zoo offers an opportunity for guests to ride a camel.

To climb atop it, one has to climb an elevated platform. The design of the metal chair affixed the camel’s back seem to be patterned after a toddler’s high chair. I think they chose that kind of saddle because falling on the grassy ground instead of sand is, of course, dangerous.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo

As I was able to ride a camel already in Dubai, I just let Lloyd ride it. The camel available in Zoocobia is a Dromedary Camel, or one-humped camel, maybe because it is the most common type. Riding it is good for a few rounds but ride it for long and I’m sure your butt and thigh muscles will be sore.

Lloyd, after riding it, told me that he found it easier to ride a carabao than this.


Other Activities to be Enjoyed

Visit Animal Bone & Skin Museum

Bone Museum

I regret not noticing this before we were supposed to leave. We weren’t able to explore the inside. Hoping to view the displays when we return.


Shop for Souvenirs

Souvenir Shop

Visiting an interesting place certainly calls for a souvenir. You can buy usual items such as stuffed toys, t-shirts, key chains, and more.


Katutubo Bazaar

For a unique souvenir, support the Aetas by buying from what they are selling.


Zoocobia Fun Zoo

What I personally would love to bring home a plant. If only I have the time to take care of one, I will bring home such as a souvenir.


Love Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia stays true to what it proclaims to be which is a fun zoo. Through the close animal encounters we had, we experienced several firsts that weren’t only fun but gained memories we will forever cherish. And to think we only explored the place for just two hours. That I think speaks a lot regarding our experience.

Meanwhile, the additional attractions they offer, in my opinion, is just a bonus. It is also a handy reason for staying longer and surely bonding more with one’s loved ones.

So please don’t miss visiting this place. I know it’s quite a bit far and I’m sure you’ve heard about Zoobic Safari too. But believe me! This is equally worth your time. I have seen a lot of non-locals enjoying this place as well.

We can’t wait to return here to enjoy the other attractions we missed.


Zoocobia Fun ZooLastly, there are more reasons for you to visit Zoocobia when you purchase Choose Manila by Yalla Book of Coupons for only PHP 399 (or USD 7.7).



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Zoocobia Location Map and Contact Details

Address: Paradise Ranch Avenue, Calumpang, Sacobia Valley, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga.
Tel. Nos.: 09194909951
Email: zoocobia@yahoo.com
Instagram: @zoocobia


Zoocobia Operating Hours

Open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM including holidays.

13 Responses to “Why You should visit Zoocobia Fun Zoo and Paradise Ranch in Clark, Pampanga”

  1. This looks fun. Plus, it doesn’t seem crowded unlike the city zoos. I like to commune with nature and when I visit a new place, I see their zoos to see the animals. I hope to be able to visit Zoocobia when I get the chance to travel to Luzon.

  2. I really want to visit this place.. I had so much fun with their Zoori in Tagaytay but this one is bigger and they offer more activities here. I had the same experience with ostrich…they have never been friendly to me.. those in Manila Zoo and those in Cavite Zoo nearly attacked me.. so parang meron siguro silang group chat and nasa black list ako haha
    My favorite part here is the Camel Riding and the ZOOC,, definitely a must try for me! Thank you for sharing us your adventure here in Zoocobia.. hopefully I can visit this attraction in Pampanga… is it near the Dinosaur Island? I am aiming to visit that too

  3. Wow such close encounters! The birds are really gorgeous and Ouch that ostrich hurts! 🙁
    A caution should have been there to let the visitors know. As you said a child can get hurt.
    Excellent pictures and love that candid capture.

  4. I can never get enough of ZOOs. Love the animals and the entire atmosphere there. I have never seen some of those birds from your photos before especially those parrots. Am I really so lucky since I have never had any incidents or accidents with animals so far?

  5. I saw the post very late when Miss Grace was inviting peeps to go there. I was just here in San Fernando. If I had known earlier, we may have the chance to meet. I like to tour the place too but my mommy duties just comes first. Perhaps if my baby is a little older, we will visit the place too.

  6. I’ve been hearing about this place for so long now! I live in Pampanga so it’ll be perfect place to hang out in the weekend. Price it affordable! So many cute and interesting animals to see but I really actually just want to experience riding their ZOOC ride. They have something similar in New Zealand which I’ve done a few things called the Luge, hope that it’s just as fun here hehe.

  7. You’ve provided us a great list on why we should consider zoocobia. I love those close encounter with the wild plus looking for souvenirs. Sometimes, too, communing with nature is the best form to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Metro.

  8. This is great for adventures and for trips with your children. While enjoying your photos, especially the photo where you were pecked, I do wonder how are the animals are treated. Nevertheless, what I’m more curious about is that how they were able to obtain a deer that looks like Bambi and even a camel. I just wish I’d be able to visit sometime too.

  9. Nice post. It brings out the child in me. And I am reminded of a visit to the zoo one of these days. In Delhi, we do have a garden- Lodi Garden- which is visited upon by the Brahminy Kite.

  10. Wow! What an incredible day, I also love how you’ve included vouchers! Such a sweet notion for your readers! 🙂

    Being a bit of a bird enthusiast, I especially loved looking at the photos of the birds! It’s funny how you go to a zoo to see some species that are Native to Australia! The real treat was seeing the Eagle Owl and Kite! I’m so envious! I’ve bookmarked your page so I can remember to visit when I come on holidays! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

  11. Those black pigs are actually our native pigs! They call them baboy ramo in our province. We actually have a couple of them! We only feed them vegetable scraps! Mom said they are healthier since they don’t have as much fat as the ones that we buy in supermarkets! 🙂 And boy were they were waaay tastier!


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